Picture of China's new tank


May 11, 2024
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In recent days, a picture of China's new tank has begun to circulate on China's social networks. It can be seen that the new tank (above) is smaller than a typical main battle tank (below), probably for China's airborne forces? Apart from this image, there is no other information about this mysterious new tank yet.


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Oct 24, 2023
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The gun barrel seems long and slim, should be 105mm. No bore evacuator means it's an unmanned turret. The turret is quite low profile, it might not be a back-bustle autoloader if it doesn't want a secondary ammo rack, but rather a hull one-piece carousel like M1TTB. The object on the turret is quite large, might not just be a traditional weapon station, but a large FLIR system + anti-drone system

The hull has two hatches, but a periscope between them suggests that it's a three-person hull crew like the armata. From welding marks and panelling the hull composite arrangement is similar to M1 with LFP be the primary area of protection + applique reactive armour

The narrow tracks seems to me suggest a ~40 ton vehicle at most, and I think at the current moment the most likely recipient of this new vehicle should be the Chinese marine corp - the ZTQ-15, though cost effective, leaves much to be desired in high intensity situations, while other larger clumsier options are not ideal due to higher maintenance cost and shorter motor hours fighting on relatively isolated beachhead with constrainted logistics.


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Nov 13, 2009
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If the gun is 105mm, then it has to be an electrothermal-chemical gun. There is no way that China would be willing to settle for a performance downgrade from the 125mm.

There has to be an active protection system to defend against ATGM, RPGs and drones. Judging by the unmanned turret, I am guessing only two crew members (driver and gunner/commander). There has to be some sort of AI assisting the crew as workload would be too much for just two.

Maintenance will be interesting, with one crew member removed. Maybe they will have a dedicated squad riding in a separate light armored vehicle like the French tank units.


Jan 26, 2024
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Interesting. I don't see the smoke blowing tank on the middle of the gun. Another new tech?

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