Top Iranian commander: Iran will change it's policies and build nukes in face of Israel, US announces sanctions


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Apr 27, 2024
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I believe Iran's in a much stronger position compared to Israel. Both militarily and economically and strategically Iran's just on a diff level than Israel. That Col. Doug McGregor and Scott Ritter are both on da money when they said that the US allowed Iran to humiliate Israel. Iran's already intimidated Israel. It was the same story in South Africa. One day that Pretoria regime realized that times up. The ANC, Zulu's, Angolan's, Namibians and the Cubans had that regime surrounded. The collapse was sudden.

Israel is in a damn shit situation. At the best of the cases it s has been converted in liable country that depends to survive on US and all the western countries...

Iran has put the real mirror to Israel, a very coutnry that armed by the US can kill some defenceless arabs. When some one with bravery and technologies confronts them, they have to backtrack any day.

Poor israeli, just some poor minds believe this is the winner horse in the region... Iran is the best horse in the region, that s the truth. Future will clear all your minds, because Iran has been aware that military power will drive them to sucess. Appeasement has not working all this time, it s to use the strong iron hand whenever needed, and it means, it be. This is the best Iran version.

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